The Best Way to Clean Window Screens

It is a tough job cleaning window screens in your home. With so many of them to wash at once, it is no wonder why people give up. Removing a few of the screens at a time, will help you accomplish the task, all while beautifying your home. Or you could call some window washing contractors in Ottawa, Ontario to come and give you a professional hand with the job.

You may want to begin by removing all of the screens at once. Not! If you do this, you will almost surely be defeated before you get them all removed. Instead of taking down all of the window screens at the same time, opt for taking down five at a time. This will give you time ample time to clean and dry them, before replacing them into the window. As you take the screens down, keep them in order, so you will know which screen goes where, when it is time to put them back on.

Make sure you put all of the screws, clips, and springs in a Ziploc sandwich bag. You will need to make sure you can find these tiny items once you have finished cleaning the screens. Trust me, nothing is more aggravating, than looking for a little piece of hardware near the edge of the grass. Put them in a bag, and it will make everything easier in the end.

Get some mild soap, a bucket of water, and a soft bristled scrub brush. Find a nice cool area to clean your screens. Lay the screens flat on the ground, and clean both sides, using gentle brisk strokes. Scrubbing your screens roughly, will only rip them. If you happen to tear your screens while cleaning them, you can build new ones by visiting the link in the resource box at the end of this article.

Rinse the screens with clean water, after you have washed both sides. Do not skip this step. There should not be any soap left on your screens after they are rinsed. Attach a sprayer to the end of your water hose, and spray them clean with a firm stream of water.

Although you have got clean screens, they are still wet. Gently pat them dry with a cloth. Do not wipe or scrub them dry. The mesh in your screens will clog with the lint from the towel if you rub them, and they will appear dirty from a distance. Consider letting the screens air dry, but be warned that this is how most screens get damaged while cleaning.

Now all there is left to do is replace the hardware, and re-install the clean screens. Put the clips, screws and hardware back on the screens. Begin replacing the window screens, by inserting the top of the screen at an angle, and then the bottom. Continue the cleaning process, five screens at a time to finish this home improvement project.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for Hotels and Motels

commercial-plumbersRunning a hotel or motel can be a profitable business, but there is virtually no end of maintenance, service and repairs that need to be addressed in order to keep your customers satisfied and profits rolling in. Some of the most potentially expensive and time consuming hotel maintenance involves plumbing and drain cleaning, and the multitude of different companies who offer commercial plumbing services (who can fix leaky toilets) can make it difficult to find the best deal. But by following a few simple rules, it should be easy to locate a professional and affordable drain cleaning company the next time your hotel has a plumbing repair emergency.
One of the most common plumbing problems faced by hotels, motels, apartment buildings, nursing homes and other large facilities is clogged or broken sewer mains. Sewer drain lines that are fed by hundreds of laterals from individual rooms are much more likely to become blocked by waste, grease and other obstructions. In these cases, a simple drain snake rooter just isn’t powerful enough to effectively solve the problem. Instead, a high pressure water jetting system is a more reliable way to properly clean a clogged hotel sewer line.
Unlike plumbing companies that can snake a clogged drain, high pressure water jetting equipment isn’t owned by many drain cleaning businesses. Because the equipment is so expensive and potentially dangerous to use, it’s important to find a drain cleaning company that has a good reputation, professional workers, and fair prices. Often, you will be able to obtain deep discounts if your hotel or motel signs a quarterly maintenance contract for regularly scheduled drain cleaning services throughout the year.
Before settling on a drain cleaning or plumbing company to service your hotel, make sure that you obtain references and price comparisons. While many hotels have on-site maintenance personnel for small plumbing repairs, there are some problems that will inevitably require outside professional help. By doing the necessary research on local drain cleaning and plumbing companies early, you will save yourself plenty of time and money when a real plumbing emergency arises at your hotel.
While professional drain cleaning can sometimes cost more than some small hotel owners would like to pay, it’s absolutely vital that you keep your sewer main lines as clean as possible to prevent expensive failures. The price of a professional high pressure water jetting service to clear obstructions from your hotel drains is much less than what it costs to replace a line that becomes unusable due to poor maintenance. As a good hotel manager or owner, it’s your responsibility to your guests to make sure that all sanitary and plumbing problems are taken care of pre-emptively.

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